Septembers Tradition

I’m sure you’re wondering why the blog is called GilliamTraditions, and since I am about to blog about one of our traditions, I decided I would expain.


I grew up in a very quiet low-key family. We lived 13 hours away from our closest relatives, so the extent of our family traditions for holidays was going to see extended family. We did other small things for a few holidays, but it was never something that we just COULDN’T miss. 
I LOVED growing up in my family! It can’t be beat, I am a low-key person, and I enjoy spending summers in small town NM playing guitars on my grandpa’s lawn.

Then I met Clint. =). The Gilliam family has A LOT of traditions! It’s been an exciting change of pace in my life. It’s crazy how GOD can bring together two totally different styles of family living and create something totally new! 

So I named this blog GilliamTraditions to record the change from life as a Shomaker to life as a Gilliam.

SO September is Fair season! I loooove the fair!
As a kid I only remember going once, with a family that used to babysit us. 
The Gilliam Girls have a tradition where we go to the fair, where we eat something appropriate like corn dogs, or turkey legs

Image  Image


We then go to Disney On Ice




And you can’t leave Disney On Ice without a picture with the Princess 



Obviously this year was Rapunzel. It was so much fun this year because we took a lot of extra people =) My Mother-In-Law is really good at making sure everyone is having a good time!
And of course you CAN’T leave the fair without something fried, or dipped in chocolate!



This year was extra special because we got to pet the horses, and the cop tried to arrest me 😉



It was an awesome weekend! And it made me miss Oklahoma, but that’s ok, I’ll be back soon enough!

I shall write again soon! =)

~ KGilliam


One thought on “Septembers Tradition

  1. Glad you had so much fun at the fair, Kels!! And Im glad you were enjoying Oklahoma. We miss you up here!! 🙂
    PS, I see your friends with Emily Elkins? Her dad is my sisters boss at FBC Tulsa! Small world.

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