November Traditions

Ok, I realize I skipped October, and that it is in fact December and I’m just now posting November.

My. Bad.

I started school again, so I’m a little bit busy. ANYWAY.

Clint and I drove home for Thanksgiving =). It was wonderful! 

Quick family story, a couple of months ago we found out that my mom has Mylodysplastic Syndrom. That means that her body is not making blood cells correctly. This means that she is very tired, all the time. So for Thanksgiving with my family we went out to eat at Delta Cafe. It was fun, they had a full Thanksgiving meal, and it was fun just to spend time with my family.
Specifically the amount of time I got to spend with my “little” brother :). 

Clint’s family is a different story. They do a huge Thanksgiving lunch with tons of family every year. At about 5, after everyone has eaten (a couple of times), they start handing out the black friday ads.
I grew up in a family that avoided crowds at all costs. So this was like culture shock to me when I first started spending time with Clint’s family. This year however, I was used to it, and ready for it! I had a couple of things on my list and my sister-in-law and I headed out, and spent most of the night/morning running around. We mostly just enjoy watching people go crazy, but we bought a couple of things too. This is after our coffee run, we were waiting for Best Buy to open. We were singing our first Christmas song of the year!

When we are in OKC Ruger (our pup) stays inside and Molly (Lauren’s pup) stays inside. IT’s always an adventure…



Anyway, now that you have read all about our big November tradition I’ll say goodnight. 
=). I’m sure December will have multiple posts, so that should make up for October!! 



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