December Traditions (Tradition 2)

Soo another wonderful Gilliam tradition is VACATION! 
Growing up my family vacationed to the mountains pretty much every year, it’s where my parents are from and it’s where most of my extended family is. It was wonderful and I love the memories from NM. I also miss going there frequently, but this is not a memory lane post (I’ll post one of those sometime, Promise!). 
The Gilliam’s vacation to the beach! It is glorious. I love warm weather and ocean and swim suits and frozen drinks. Ok so I don’t really love swim suits, I don’t think they are flattering for 90% of females, but I love the idea of swim suits! This year we vacationed in December =) and we went on a cruise to the Bahamas! Mmmmmmmm, I would live there. 

We did all the important things that you are supposed to do on vacation…

Image Image

We went to Atlantis where we saw lots of fun things like giant fish. The face he makes is very similar to the famous “pappa cowan face” in my family 😉 (Love you sooo much pappa!)



This is kind of hard to see, but we found Clint’s Atlantic twin.

Image Image


In Key West we ate chocolate dipped key lime pie, and visited a local coffee shop. 

Image Image

We found giant cookies, and giant flip flops…



And no vacation is complete without a human pyramid :).
And when we got home Ruger left a neat present in my in-laws backyard…



This is what patio furniture looks like when it has been gutted… <insert eye roll>
Merry Christmas!!!



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