2012 recap and the things that 2013 will bring =)

Important notes of 2012

January- We officially moved to Lufkin and began our journey in Texas. 
February- We acquired a third family member. She is much bigger now =(, but I am soo glad we got her!

March-May- We spent these months house hunting in Lufkin, we also joined a church and started making friends :).

June- We bought our first house!

July- We celebrated our first anniversary!

August- I started school again.

September-December- Mom was diagnosed with a bone marrow disease, and in this same time span God provided a donor for her =). He is so good! We spent a lot of time in Oklahoma with our families, and last but certainly not least Clint and I began the paperwork to become licensed foster parents =). I am so excited I can hardly stand it! It’s been a great year, with it’s many ups and downs, and I’m looking forward to the adventures that GOD has planned for us in 2013. 




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