Life Update!

So life has been pretty crazy this month.
Here is what my mont has looked like:

My mom (for those of you that don’t know) has a bone marrow disease called Meylodysplastic Syndrome ~yes I did just spell that without looking it up, go me!
Today she was admitted into the hospital to begin chemo. It’s going to be a long process, but she is doing great and we are so thankful for the staff at MD Anderson!
Next week she will get her transplant, we will all be in Houston for the week, I’ll update on that next week!

In the mean time, I have started classes again! It’s busy, but it’s good, the sooner I’m done the better!! This semester I am taking a practicum class and today I got my placement. Let me tell you about it….
There is this place in Lufkin that makes me nervous every time I drive by. It looks like an old abandoned hospital wing that probably has ghosts that come out at night.
I called my contact to set up an interview and haven’t heard back, so I decided to stop by today and see if she was there, much to my surprise my trusty GPS took me to the ghost building. Neat.
I’m sure it my second impression will be better than the first, because it wasn’t any better on the inside. Maybe God placed me there because they just need a little bit of sunshine once a week, and I’m pretty good at that. Pray that I keep a good attitude, and remember who I belong to!

On the Foster Front

We have started our trainings for foster care! 2 down, I don’t know how many more to go haha. I am so thankful we decided to go through a third party instead of directly through CPS. Buckner has been great! We are hoping we will be licensed by July.

I’m going to do some homework now, my next post will be more interesting, I promise!



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