Ok update on mom real quick.
She had her transplant this morning, it’s done! It has been a bit of a roller coaster ride though, you never know when she is going to be feeling great and when her body is going to react to something and make her sick. 

Ignore the fact that our eyes are scary in this one…

Her transplant was finished by 10 this morning and we went to see her, she looked the best she has all week. I think she was ready to go home :). By 5 she was running a fever and had chills. Don’t worry, this is a normal reaction for her body to have. They also had her on oxygen this evening because of how her body was reacting to a medication they gave her to combat the fever. They are moving her to a new room so they can hook her up to a heart monitor, just so they can know what’s happening all the time. 

On the plus side, we all get to wear really fun outfits when we go see her 😉 The nurses were laughing at our train…



We left the hospital to let mom get some rest, plus, no one wants a room full of people when they don’t feel good! We went to the Galleria, and the WaterWall, it was a fun adventure.

Image                         Image



Don’t worry, Zach didn’t really jump off of there… =). 

Please pray that mom’s body will accept the new blood and that we will all get the rest we need, physical and mostly spiritual. Also, when you’re praying, thank Jesus for everything He has done so far! He is amazing. My family is also amazing. I love them all SOOO much. =). 

Have a great night!



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