Good Days

Ok, so it’s been too long.

I am in my second semester of being a Social Work student and I think I have written more papers than my entire life combined ;). I have 3 weeks left in the semester and 2 and a half papers left to write. I just keep telling myself, one more year.

Jesus, please please give me the energy and motivation to finish strong.

That being said I want to tell you why it’s such a good day.
It is a great day because I got to sleep in, and when I woke up, the sun was shining.
It is a great day because I have amazing friends, one of whom brought me coffee to class, she knows me.
It is a great day because I am getting a new dishwasher, AND I have a handy husband who can install it. Aren’t handy husbands the best?

Thank You Jesus for my husband 🙂

It is a great day because God inspired someone to create Pandora, and Pandora makes every day better.
It is a great day because I went to Hobby Lobby and, will be rewarding myself with a new project to complete after I am finished writing papers. When there is no motivation, make your own. :).

(Future Project)


It has been a great day, and I pray that every day I will find the things that made it great instead of thinking that all things in life are ordinary.

P.S. Click on this link and read, it is inspiring and I felt like it needed to be shared. (I hope this is allowed in the blogging world, I don’t really know….)


(Impromptu Coloring Project)



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