Be. Still.

Be Still My Soul.

That’s how I have felt lately. 
I know like, a million people who are either out of the country now, or preparing to leave the country. I am so excited for them all, but it makes me antsy. 

God did not create me to live in one place for long periods of time. I am a wanderer. I am restless. The problem with wanderers is, we are so busy looking to the next thing that we forget to relish the now.

Right now: I have time. For the next month I will have time to finish decorating my house, purge the excess in my life, have a long, beautiful quiet time every single day, discover new music, spend quality time with the people in my life, read a book.

I have not done any of that, because I am so busy thinking about what’s next. 


One thought on “Be. Still.

  1. Being in the present moment and not whining about it is super hard for me as well, Kelsey! You would think I would get it by now, but after 56 years I’m still fighting. However, God is faithful, and He’s still working on me and I know He will continue to work on you. Have a blessed day. Love you!!

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