A Couple Of DIY’s

So I have been experimenting with chalkboard =). It has been fun. 
I made this for the area next to my kitchen because with a heart to go into the mission field I know that Clint and I desperately need to work on our scripture memorization

Image  Image

I am aware these are blurry. I am not a photographer… Also, you can’t tell but the frame is covered in yarn. It took FOREVER, but I’m very pleased with the outcome. I found the chalkboard at Hobby Lobby. It came on a roll, and I just stuck it to poster board and ductaped (yes you read that right) the poster board to the frame. It was not my first choice, but after 10 minutes (have I ever mentioned I’m not very patient?) of trying to figure out another way, I gave in.

Project #2 is my house rules.
They are not in straight lines. Nothing I do ever is. I just tell people that it adds character, it’s a perfectly reasonable excuse ;). Also, it’s all in yellow because 3 weeks after buying my chalk markers I have lost every other color… 

Image Image



This project would have been easier, and prettier if I hadn’t used particle board, BUT, I am so cheap, and I hate paying for decorations, so I used the piece of crooked particle board I found in Clint’s shed =). 

Hope you guys like them, or they have inspired you to create something crooked and happy for your home. 




2 thoughts on “A Couple Of DIY’s

    • =). I’m a little obsessed with the chalkboard thing, I thought about just doing my whole house buut I figured my husband would probably have something to say about that ;).

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