House Rules Almost done!!

I knew asking for help would be a great idea! 

The good news is that I have an amazingly creative sister who offered to design my house rules for me! Let me tell you about her, she is good at everything she does. She co-owns a business in Tulsa (Berkshire Salon and Day Spa, for those of you close enough to visit her), she is a very talented photographer, AND she does things like design house rules for her sister in all of her down time. And someday she will make me the coolest aunt in the world (right Nik? 😉 )

Anyway, here are the house rules =). They are perfect and I am SOO pumped!                                       

                               Image          Image 

Image             Image      Image


            Image  Image  Image


             Image      Image


She is great right? 

I can’t wait to print these and hang them in my house!!!!!
Also, I found out that apparently Staples can print them! That makes my life so easy! (That was not meant to be a play off their slogan….).

*Have a fantastic day* 


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