Because despite what our culture tells us; Less is More.

I have been living in a state of spiritual peace for awhile now. Probably too long. Does that sound weird?

The fact of the matter is God doesn’t allow us to live in spiritual peace for too long because He loves us right were we are but way too much to leave us there (no, I did not come up with that all on my own…). 

So the past week it has dawned on me that there is probably a problem. I started praying that God would reveal the sin in my life and begin molding me to be more like Him. 

The entire time I was praying that prayer the flesh inside of me was yelling DANGER: DANGER! 

God has brought 2 things to light in the past couple of days for me. 

Have you ever been in the middle of something and just knew God was speaking to you? Today I’m pretty sure He informed me that I am a spoiled brat, and often times ungrateful. I mean, it’s one thing to hear that from your parents, or your spouse, but when you feel it in your Spirit it hurts.

I think I’m going to start getting rid of things soon, because things tend to be my downfall. It seems the more I have the more I want. I have way too many clothes, but when I look in my closet every morning, I feel like I have nothing to wear. 
I have way too much make-up, and yesterday I’m pretty sure God gently informed me that I’m dumb for always trying to improve on something that He created in His image.

I know this is random, but it’s my heart right now. I struggle against material things on a very regular basis, and I think God is calling me to rid myself of the excess because really, less is so much more when you serve a God that fed a thousands out of the lunch box of a little boy.




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