99 Cent Convictions

I have been reading this book:



(you can’t really look inside, the image came from Amazon, which is where the link will take you also…)

I have been wanting to read it for a few months now, but I was feeling to cheap to buy it, so when I found it at Goodwill for 99 cents it was like God left me an early Christmas present!

I started reading it right after I prayed that God would convict me about the sin in my life and use the conviction to change me.. Obviously I forgot to re-read the back of the book before I opened it up after saying that prayer.

I have come to a few conclusions. I am so very annoyed with the American lifestyle. I mean really, how do you pray for a nation that is 100% fixed on themselves when The Church is the #1 culprit? That is a conclusion I have been at for awhile actually. I’m really praying that God will remind me that He desires mercy on a daily basis, because mercy is something that I do not naturally have in leaps and bounds for the American Church. 

I have come to the conclusion that we are giant prisoners of consumerism. My favorite movie growing up was “10 Things I Hate About You.” Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles anyone? And I could quote most of the movie, but I specifically remember this one: “in hopes of distracting themselves from the pathetic emptiness of their meaningless consumer driven lives.”

I edited out the first part, it’s not horrible, but you probably know it anyway. Amen Julia. 

The verdict:

1. I will not buy an article of clothing for the rest of the year. This includes jewelry, bags, scarves, headbands, etc… 
I realize that there are only 4 months left this year, but most of my jeans have either shrunk or are beginning to wear holes, so I’m afraid if I commit to longer than 4 months I will be pantless by January…

2. I am a purger. I love to get rid of things, however when I get rid of things I tend to just pile it in my car and send it all to Goodwill. This is not a bad thing. I think though, that there are places in my community that could benefit greatly from these things I have just been too lazy to seek them out. I will start doing that.

3. It occurred to me yesterday while doing my quiet time that there are needs that I see on a regular basis, be them big or small, that I have the means to meet but for some reason I don’t. This is ridiculous. It is seriously time to stop being so American and start loving people. I have a tendency to see someone on the side of the road with a cardboard sign and think “it’s a scam, they are just going to buy beer.” Let me tell you what this is, it’s an EXCUSE. That line is an excuse to hold tightly to those few dollar bills we keep in our wallet, and for what? A candy bar from the vending machine when we are not hungry, but think we need something sweet? So maybe they will use those three dollars to add to a collection to buy beer, but guess what, maybe they will use those three dollars to add to a collection to buy groceries for their 3 kids who are at home and haven’t eaten in 2 days. Who am I to assume that I know what they will do with that money? 
No more excuses, Kelsey.

On another note, while I was sitting outside in the hammock having all of these spiritual revelations my dog was creating a new fashion trend with my flip-flops…



The weirdest part? The other half of that flip-flop is nowhere to be found in my yard. I’m 98% positive that she ate it. 


3 thoughts on “99 Cent Convictions

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Kelsey!! I know I could benefit from following in your footsteps. Let’s pray we can live more for Christ and less for myself. Love you.

  2. I was reminded of this book yesterday by someone who is going to read the book with a group of ladies. I know if I found this book for 99¢, I’d call it an early Christmas gift (and a call to read it) too. I don’t think I struggle with consumerism, but that may be because of my limited resources. Maybe reading the book with expose some chinks in that thinking. Living in America, most have more than is needed and often get confused with want and need. The tricky part is knowing what to do with the excess God has provided. What should be enjoyed and what should be given away and, in some situations, what should be sacrificed? A heart connected to a loving God is key. It’s a journey though.

    • Yeah, I realized that the more I have the more I want. After I cleaned out my closet and got through the first month of withdrawal from spending I found out that I didn’t miss new things near as much as I thought I would.
      I also spent the four months without make up. It was marvelous. I will probably write more on that later but, it was fantastic. :).

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