She *Five Minute Friday*


Today I wrote a research paper on child brides. 
Did you know that 49 countries allow families to marry their little girls off at ages as young as 8?

The hardest part was the research before the writing. Reading all the stories realizing that most of them were written about little girls young enough to fit into Clint and I’s range for foster care. It broke my heart. 

Did you know that the number one cause of death in these countries for girls ages 15-19 is childbirth?

The part that really got me is that the parents do this because they genuinely feel that it is the best option for their daughters. If their daughters are not married their likelihood for becoming a rape victim increases, their chances of getting married later in life decreases because they are seen as flawed and without a husband they have no way to survive due to the cost of education. 

I wonder if we are aware in our society of all the injustice that happens in the world. I wonder, even when we become aware, how many of us will care enough to do something. How many of us will get angry for those little girls? Angry enough to step outside of our comfort zone and try to enact change?




Photo by: Gagan Thapa
The photo is a link to its original source. 



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