Foster Care Update

Good news, it has been a productive week.

With help from friends we have completed the foster room, hung the house rules, finished the home inspection and crafted a new project for the living room!! =)

So The foster room is completely furnished and wonderful! Last Friday my amazing friend Kellie took a spur of the moment Houston trip with me to Ikea to get what we needed to finish the room AND she stayed up with me until like 2 am putting together the dresser =). Ready for the finished product?

Image Image Image Image

Image Image


I am very pleased =). 

House Rules are hung also! =) I posted individual pics of the house rules here, but here they are hung on the wall (finally…)



And in all of my spare time (HA) I also made this beauty…


=) It’s above the love seat and I’m preeetttyy happy with it!!!

So on foster care news, the Home Study is the last thing that Clint and I have to do on our part. Our Buckner worker thinks it will probably take about a month to get it all written up and get us licensed officially, so we are looking at November! =). I’m pretty pumped, but Clint got home at 2 am this morning and our home study was at 9 so I’m going to go take a nap now….



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