Status Update

Well, the plan was to be licensed by August 2013, and have kids a little after classes started this semester. 

Clint has had to spend an extensive amount of time in Canada the last few months so our dates have been pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back. Not all because of Canada, other things factored in. Things like, the agency getting a new case manager (who is wonderful, by the way), and schedule conflicts. 

Here we are, the first week in November, and we are kidless. I know that there is a reason we are kidless (maybe because I have 7 papers to write in the next 30 days, or because Clint is back in Canada for another week, or because the child that God has for our home is just not ready yet), but it doesn’t change the longing in our hearts for the kids that God has planned for our home. 

Anyway, that being said, we have finished everything that needs to be done on our end. We are just waiting for the agency to finish the paperwork, and the state to send us our license. Last week our case manager told us we should be licensed in about 2 weeks. I will be spending Wednesday daycare hunting (in case we really do get our license by the end of the week), and I will let you know a week from Monday if it is official or not! 

Pray that it is, we would LOVE to have kids in our home for the holidays, and we would LOVE for them to be here early enough for us to get permission to take them out of the state to meet our families. =). 



2 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. You are in my prayers, Kelsey! I know there is a child out there who needs your love and God’s love. We just want every detail to be covered so nothing goes amiss. Love you.

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