Don’t get too excited, we are still not licensed.

I heard from our agency today, she said they were 100% fished with our home study (6 weeks later)!! It’s ok, we are glad they are thorough when reviewing their foster parents. She said they have to upload it to something or other and it has to be accepted which can take 24-48 hours…
*Don’t you love how dedicated I am to the details?*

AFTER it’s been accepted they will have one of the directors sign a copy and our license will be sealed up and mailed our direction!!!

So we are looking at being licensed by the middle of next week! =) =)

I want to get really excited right now, but last time they gave us a time frame they underestimated by a month so I am containing my joy until our license is hanging on our wall… 
Again I want to clarify, I am not upset with our agency. They are wonderful. I am just annoyed by the process. 

Ok, that’s all I have for you tonight. It’s finals week, so pray that my brain doesn’t melt and I can finish my LAST FINALS EVER (because next semester is an internship) quickly and efficiently. 

*Clarification: by EVER, I meant until we start seminary classes…. School never really ends, there is no light at the end of the tunnel because the tunnel is a figment of the imagination.*


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