Today is the Day!

It happened!!!!

I got the call 15 minutes ago. Our license has been signed and mailed out. We are officially on Buckner’s roster as foster parents! This means that we could get a call at any time for a placement starting today. Our license will be here next week. WOOOOOO! 

When she said those words my heart pounded. This is it! It is exciting and at the same time a little bit terrifying. All the things that we don’t have started racing through my mind. We don’t have RIT (which I was told was important for when you get foster kids), we don’t have pajamas (why am I worried about having pajamas?), we don’t have kid-friendly dishes (like they care, right?). 

I realize that my thoughts are currently ridiculous and irrational, but those are the things that went through my head ha. 

Thank you all for praying with us through this process, it has been a waiting game that has tried my nerves and patience and I am so glad we have such an awesome support system that we could trust and lean on! You guys are the best!

So I will update again when we get a placement, or maybe before if we do anything super exciting.. =) 



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