I know to most people “going to grandma’s” for a visit is a weekly event, but for my family it happened once or twice a year. 
My grandparents lived 13 hours away (both sets), and as a kid I didn’t understand the value of those two weeks every summer in this tiny little town that felt a little bit like Mayberry. 


But now I am all grown up. I am so thankful for those two weeks every summer that we spent in New Mexico visiting family. I cherish the memories made of fishing with my grandpa, an m&m machine that operated off of pennies, orange push-pops, guitars on the lawn, and home-made ice cream.

Image    Image

I don’t get to go very often anymore, the whole grown up thing tends to get in the way but I hope that my family knows how much I love them, and how much I really do enjoy “going to grandma’s.”





4 thoughts on “Visit

  1. That is so sweet. My grandparents lived too far away to visit often. One set lived in another country, and the other set were a few states away. This past year, my last grandparent, my grandma, died. I treasure those visits more now than I ever did as a kid.
    Thank you for your words, you revived some sweet, sweet memories for me.
    I am visiting you from FMF.

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